PGD in Information and Communication Technology

The School of Computing and Information Technology (SCIT) is now offering a Postgraduate Diploma in Information and Communication Technology (PGD-ICT).

The course targets tertiary degree-holders who are in disciplines outside of computing but possess the capacity to innovate and create transformative value in their own organizations though the use of ICT tools and technologies OR who have gained significant experience in computing / ICT but do not possess formal qualifications in this area.

Philosophy Statement

The Postgraduate Diploma in ICT employs an outcomes-based practitioner’s approach which focuses on providing the foundation, technical knowledge and transferable skills in order to produce graduates who, upon graduation, have the requisite ICT skills and competencies directly relevant to any work or entrepreneurial setting; who appreciate the dynamism and cross-sectoral applicability of ICT, and its importance as an engine for economic development and growth; who demonstrates an awareness of the importance of ethics and professionalism in the execution of their jobs; and, who are flexible, well-rounded individuals committed to lifelong learning.