Prof. Vernon Buchanan

Professor Vernon Buchanan
Vice Dean
Faculty of Engineering and Computing

On behalf of my colleagues, I am delighted to welcome you to the Faculty of Engineering and Computing, and by extension the University of Technology (UTech), the home of world class athletes. We pride ourselves in the provision of an environment that supports high quality learning, research, sporting opportunities, and service to our communities. The Faculty comprises of two schools and other research and scholarship units. The two Schools, the School of Engineering and the School of Computing and Information Technology, are two premier academic units within the university with traditions of excellence in teaching, scholarship, research and community service. Our excellence in research creativity and innovation is a hub in the University is Technology's brand. We continuously review our programmes and facilities to cope with the global dynamics of our professions and constantly respond to the needs of our students and customers. Hence our current efforts to make our services time and place independent. We welcome you and any other individuals, groups and organizations into the bedrock of UTech's technology brand and ask to join us in our quest to maintain our world-class standards.